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.Cascadas Sectetas - Secret Waterfall - Book and Documentary

In my life


The sense of this 200 pages photographic size book, its not to share information about the locations of the waterfalls; it's not a touristic guide; as well, this is a way to know what we have and expand our knowledge about our vision, without have to touch them. Contemplate the nature creation and preserve it - where is the place to make it well? In Costa Rica, one of the last nature heritage of the planet Earth

The opportunity to live closer to the arts, the expression and the world of the entertainment from the very beginning, makes me try to understand in deeper; how the things works, if we look more and closer, where it comes from and where the things way go?

To understand better and practice the senses of the vision, i get closer to the photography when i was 18 yr old, with my first Minolta film camera.

.Rio Lajas - Area Protegida - south Nicoya Peninsula (blue zone)

It's alwais a work in progress

My parents work in the performing arts and entertainment, my father sings and plays in a historic band, since 1964, known as I Camaleonti and my mother has always danced and been part of the world of physical movement.

When it comes, to move through art the work is incessant, the mind never stops thinking and the body stay in constant transformation to challenge the game all the time



There no much to say, our Eco - System need us to act immediately everywhere. Rio Lajas Protected Area, it's a project developed and made with the support of the GOV of Costa Rica, SINAC and MINAE. The project instead makes sure that a 10+/- km of the main river of the Peninsula of Nicoya (one of the III Blue Zone of the planet) will being under protection before the 2040. The project it's community and open to public and private associations active in nature conservation.

The Absolute National Reserve of Cabo Blanco its the cradle of the nature of the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica, the Rio Lajas project will helps to maintain the Peninsula Biological Corredor intact and prevent buildings, deforestation projects and maintain intact the natural eco-systemic environment of the River, from its rising to the Ocean.

rio lajas costa rica (2).jpg
riolajas cr.JPG

during my studies which began in scientific high school, soon changed to the artistic high school and finally to the classical arts, they made my curiosity and basic information, the carpet of sensations which moved for the early years til now. University in Scenography and university courses in Ancient Literature with specialization in Archeology were the first steps.

His expressiveness did not take long to increase at the same time as his studies, starting with piano and classical guitar.

Over the years, the passion for photography made this whole process a little more real and complete in terms of senses.

.Nostalgia por la luz - Bioluminescence investigation in Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve


Bioluminescence is the process in which some living organisms such as animals, fish and mycotics microorganisms, which are part of the red, trophic diet and ecosystems, interact with the environment of their nocturnal coexistence, for their life-BIO and LUMIN-light, transform the energy chemistry to light and produce light, to transmit messages, communicate, with blue, red, purple and green self made light.

This investigation started in 2016 and was presented in 2021 aims to prove the presence of this phenomenon in the particular microclima of the Nationan Absolute Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco.

The results were exciting, including the discovery of a triple palm tree with coconut fiber totally covered in Mycelium, neves seen before in the world of bioluminescience.

Change of country

at 16yr I started exploring the first countries and continents beyond Italy; thanks to my parents who always supported me in everything.

Visiting North Africa, Europe and Latin America several times.

The decision to go and live in another town from mine, 14,000km from home, was fundamental in crafting the base line for the future life

.Photographic Expositions


On different occasions the artist has participated in some photographic exhibitions, generated by art galleries, special events, themed competitions and lastly scientific exhibitions by the Ministry of Culture.

logos expo.JPG

The importance of informing people and visitors about the different logics linked to natural phenomena, the impact of man on these phenomena, focusing on the global clymatic change and the absolute importance of everyone to understand and share this delicated topic, directly.

The passion for the nature

the only universal law for all, perfect and without errors, is nature.

If you give nature a chance, she fits everywhere perfectly.

Since I can remember I have always being in contact with animals and plants, intrigued by other living creatures frequencies, observing and studying, finding that a common denominator is beyond us, all times in the whole Planet.

Nature is absolute and goes beyond mental barriers, religious impositions and other foibles of the human being


tropical dreamland logo ok www.png

So based on our fifteen years experience, of supporting and working with environmental initiatives, the national park system and simply living and enjoying all what nature has to offer in this Peninsula, we have a give back concept.This is how the Give back concept worksFor each property sold, we will take a portion of the earnings to re-invest on local projects, that will benefit the whole community on the area where the property is situated.This is just a list of what we can Give Back on:investing to improve roads, schools, public areas, natural reserve, eco sustainable projects or any other initiative that aligns with the Eco Sustainability

.Tropical Dream Land - zero impact realty

The future is alwais now


Tropical Dreamland is not a simple real estate agency

In every project, we are committed to maintain and limit the environmental impact, observing and respecting nature to develop a balanced Eco-Systemic vision on a sustainable way.

There is a big number of land sales and big development projects in Costa Rica, that is putting at risk the fine balance between growing communities and natural resources.

the global conscience has finally pushed itself to analyze the risk factors that endanger human beings towards nature which, we have noticed in recent years, is sending us a clear message

Accustomed to seeing the visible surroundings as absolute patterns, we must look to the past trying to avoid the same mistakes, hoping that the natural mechanism will bring us through a prosperous and eco-sustainable future

.M'Art - Montezuma Art, three days arts exposition at the waterfall

rotuito primo.jpg

Life abstraction


surly was an experience to repeat.

Starting many months before with an international call for artists, after selecting the works we invited the artists, organized the hotels and 3 meals at day for 4 days. 100 Art piece were exposed, on the first day we included schools and children from the communities around with different activities; on the second day, with the full moon, the exhibition was moved to the main location: the Montezuma Waterfall area. Duo to the secluded area, we have prepared the area to guest 900 people, during the 12 hours of the exposition, from the evening to the midnight full Moon; the third and last day, to conclude the Expo, we have organize many activities around the town  in the different commercial places.

there is no limit to abstraction, we live in large metropolises we always apply principles that, above all, are automatic and completely autonomous;

as in nature, we would like to be autonomous and self-sustainable, but in the utopia of the large metropolises where people perceive dystopian information, we can only be filter in-through the senses, making art and abstraction

.Organico Montezuma - Artistic meeting point - Art Cafe'&Restaurant

The family is

when traveling you learn to know and to change and your points of view.

Hundreds of people cross paths and information, this particular coming and going across the most widely spaced places of the globe.

When two travelers meet, they create a symbiosis that no one can see with naked eyes;

this unit doubles the observers' perceptions in contemplation with the natural events around, creating a synergy that can only be achieved with a meeting of minds.


born in 2010 with the idea of ​​bringing a live music place into the small bohemian Montezuma town, in Costa Rica.

The restaurant instead offer an international culinary cuisine, focusing to manage and use organics origin products.

The music culture has made this venue grow enormously and it has become the meeting point for thousands of artists from all over the world over the last 14 years.